The Similarities Between Italy and Canada

Canada and Italy are both great places for a holiday. Its surprising how much the two countries have in common and how much there is to see and do in both of them. The countryside is varied and exciting, more so when you’re on a skiing adventure. If you want to find out about ski resorts, thrilling slopes and good value, check out the Canadian skiing authorities. With so much help on good food, good accommodation and the best skiing in Canada, is a great resource for planning your tour. They are a wealth of experience and have every kind of skiing knowledge you need to know.

shutterstock_205942327Activities to Lift Your Heart

Perhaps it’s the sunny climate of Italy that makes skiing holidays so magical. Some of the best ski resorts in Italy are found in the Südtirol’s Gardena valley. The Dolomites offer an excellent ski touring experience, offering 26 km of downhill trails. There’s no problem going up because there are excellent lifts and cable-ways. Every bit as awesome as skiing in Canada, and is a site dedicated to travel in Canada. If you’re planning a skiing trip to Canada, arranging a getaway in this country has never been so easy to organise and certainly parallels Italy in the variety of sking available, like Whistler B:C: with 200 marked runs.

Aspects that Draw Travelers

People wonder how ski resorts in Canada differ from those in Italy. There are a few differences, like language, and resort culture can differ slightly, sophisticated in both but Canada also offers a lovely rustic atmosphere. Do not be worried too much about a few little differences, as both countries offer breaks that will be both thrilling and super exciting, forgetting all your cares in the thrill of skiing. These relaxing, reasonably priced resorts offer carefree and scintillating holiday programmes for experts and newbies to the sport with expert guides and instructors . The resorts themselves often a variety of apres ski that will satisfy everyone from families to singles.