How to Get Around Rome

By Metro

Rome-tramRome’s Metro system only has two lines, A (red) and B (blue), both of which pass through the Stazione Termini. Unfortunately, the route network is rather limited and misses most of the historic district due to the fact that much of ancient Rome lies underneath the streets. However, if the Metro has a stop near your destination, it’s the best transport option in the city. You can buy tickets at any newsstand, tobacconist or from vending machines. The bus system also uses the same tickets, which are interchangeable. Validate your Metro ticket before boarding the train. The Metro runs from 05:30 until 23:30 every day, except on Saturdays, when it runs until 00:30. Trains run every seven to 10 minutes.

By Bus

Rome’s public bus system has an extensive route network, but journeys are slow due to the city’s narrow streets and constant traffic. Bus stops are marked by white signs on tall yellow poles, which list the bus numbers and upcoming stops. A bus map, available at newsstands, is essential for any serious exploration. Buses operate from 06:00 to midnight, although some lines have special night buses. Tickets are valid for 75 minutes and can used in combination with bus, tram or Metro services.


Roman taxis don’t cruise for fares, but they will stop if you hail them. Most taxis wait at the city’s taxi stands or can be called by phone. There are various tariff charges for baggage and time of day as well as two different fare systems for inside the city limits and outside the city. Steer clear of the gypsy taxis, which are illegal, un-metered and usually a hassle. Licensed taxis are yellow or white and have an illuminated sign on the roof.

From the Airport

The easiest and cheapest way to get to the city centre from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport is to take one of the trains.